Welcome to www.celikov.com !

Thank you for interest in our Online Banking System project (application).

Initially, we developed this application for small businesses banks; however, it turned out to be useful for many other financial organizations as well.

Please note, that we sale just the software itself. The purchaser must obtain the banking license.

We offer initial package at only 5,000 USD price.

The package includes:

1. SQL database (the SQL2008 or later version must be provided to the hosting server)

2. Flexible Web interface

3. Source codes (managing application that will let you handle all above).

If you are not able to install above software yourself on your server, we can do it for you.

If you need personalization of the OBS to your company needs, we can do it for you with no additional charge in proportional means.

To try out our system please log in. While logging in please type the user name as "demo" and password as "1".

Your opinion is very important for us. Please have your say here.

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